NoxCore Vision
Compact High Performance Thermal Modules
for integration

NoxCore Vision are thermal vision modules based on the NoxEngine technology. They include all the features required for surveillance applications (Site monitoring, Traffic surveillance, Pollutant search, etc.).


Equipped with the latest generation of thermal detector, cooled by stirling engine, NoxCore Vision cores offer unmatched performance in a reduced footprint and energy consumption.


The Noxant team is dedicated to provide you with in-detph assistance for the optimal integration of NoxCore Vision in your system, and trains your team to get the maximum out of the NoxEngine technology


We only present general information in our product pages. Enumerating all the possibilities would make reading tedious. In addition, your project is definitely unique. It is important that we discuss it together. Contact us




  • Band MWIR - 3-5 µm
  • 640x512 pixels @ f5.5 or f/4
  • Cooled, snapshot FPA
  • Cooldown time @ 20°C <6 min
  • Large range of continuous zoom configurations

Embedded NoxEngine

  • Video Improvement
    (Video Details Enhancement / Histogram Equalization 1pt NUC / 2pts NUC / Blurred NUC Adaptative Median Pixel Replacement / Gain & Offset)
  • Thermal Scene Optimization
    User selectable integration time, auto-exposure, User defined Frame rate, Multiple configurations
  • Zoom Lens Control
    FOV / Focus / Autofocus / Active Athermalization
  • High Resolution Video Output
  • Digital 720p output with color palettes / 3/4 or 16/9 display ratios / Continuous Digital zoom up to 16x / High Quality Digital color overlay / Colors / Status / Logo / Reticle / Splash Screen with transparency Multiple languages
  • Embedded Recording
    h.264 or RAW Sequences or Snapshots / Media : Hot Plug SSD Drive or Embedded Memory
  • Large range of continuous zoom configurations

Physical specifications

  • Low power consumption (<14,5W)
  • Small footprint
  • Reduced weight: <800g w/o zoom lens
  • Operating temperature range -30°C to +65°C
  • Storage temperature range -40°C to +70°C

Integration Examples

Application videos

Zoom out of passengers leaving a boat
at a distance of 1500m.

Suspicious activity in the bay.
Acquired at a distance of 1000m

Skaters fail.
Acquired at a distance of 500m
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