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    Solutions for
    your vision projects
    Noxant, specializing in high-end optronics systems,
    brings a new approach to your project vision
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    NoxCam HSi
    Radiometric cameras
    for industrial environments
    NoxCam HSi is designed for industrial NDT applications,
    Infrared signature or aerial thermography
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    Thermal Vision
    NoxCore is a series of high performance OEM cameras
    for surveillance applications
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    Flexible Platform &
    Thanks to its modern and innovative architecture, the technology platform.
    NoxEngine opens new horizons in the field of machine vision and surveillance.
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    Your Vision Project
    Perfectly fitted


  • New Optical Fiber Link Technology

    This new addition to our Technology Platform NoxEngine allows to split the sensing head of the camera (lens / filter wheel / detector) from the processing unit with optical fiber.
    It enables to place the sensing part on hazardous areas, while keeping the processing and data storage in a safe location. For instance, when acquiring measurement on an explosive or nuclear environment, it may happen that the camera get blasted. That's no good, but the most important, is to make sure that measurement data are valid and backed up.
    This technology is available on all our products and would benefit in situations such as :
    • Measurement in explosive environment
    • Measurement in strong magnetic environment
    • When camera or core is mounted on mast. It allows weight reduction on the mast, while allowing to access the processing unit from a remote station.
    • Placing the sensing part on aircraft pod while having the processing unit on the cabin
  • Atmospheric Turbulences compensation

    Atmospheric turbulences are one of the most challenging issue for long-range surveillance and homeland security, highly impacting system DRI. Noxant is introducing its new exclusive, real time, camera embedded, ATC processing.

    ATC electronically stabilizes line of sight and removes atmospheric turbulence in real time, and with no frame delay - while preserving moving objects. It thus improves the recognition and identification performance, while preserving moving object's integrity.

    Get in touch with us for more information on how this exclusive image processing can enhance the performance of your system and make a decisive difference on the field.



Founded by experts in the field of vision, Noxant brings expertise, technology and innovative products for your applications.



The value of your projects in their singularities, Noxant does not hesitate to adapt its off the shelf product to give you the right answer.



Your projects have no borders? Noxant either. Our teams are experienced in international projects, providing you with support wherever you are.

Multiples Applications

  • Aerial Vision
    Aerial Vision
  • Traffic Surveillance
    Traffic Surveillance
  • Border Surveillance
    Border Surveillance
  • Sensitive Sites
    Sensitive Sites
  • Professional Vehicles
    Professional Vehicles
  • Search And Rescue
    Search And Rescue
  • Process Control
    Process Control
  • Non Destructive Testing
    Non Destructive Testing
  • Sorting
  • Pollutant Search
    Pollutant Search
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Founded by highly experienced vision specialists, Noxant designs and develops groundbreaking vision solutions for industrial and surveillance applications. 

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